Sex drives

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All About the Male Sex Drive

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From Two Sides: Mismatched Sex Drives

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Why You Should Date Women with High Sex Drive

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The Difference in Sex Drives Between Men and Women

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Deviant Terminology: How Sex Drives ‘Mindhunter’

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Everyone deserves to feel sexually fulfilled, and that means having an open conversation with your partner if you have mismatched sex drives.

Here's how to bridge the topic. WD wants to answer your toughest sex questions! Submit your most pressing sexual questions to [email protected], and we will address the topic in an upcoming article—anonymity guaranteed.

Different sex drives can lead to a fighting cycle – if you let it Libido differences can create relationship havoc, with one person feeling rejected and the other feeling pressured. “It’s what I call the ‘shame-blame-flame’ cycle,” says Trina E. Read, a Calgary sexologist and author of the upcoming book Till Sex.

Mismatched Sex Drives

And they believe meth — and its simultaneous revving up of the sex drive and lowering of inhibitions — is a major contributor to the area's skyrocketing rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia. Eighteen-year-old Ian Lafferty sets out on a cross country drive with his best friends Lance and Felicia in order to lose his virginity to a red-hot babe he met on the Internet.

But the journey 46%. When partners have different sex drives, it can be difficult to keep a healthy sexual relationship alive. Talking openly with one another, either independently or with a licensed therapist, can be helpful in identifying possible solutions to “incompatible” sex drives.

Sex drives
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