Pro socratic philosophers

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Top 10 Pre-Socratic Philosophers

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Pre-Socratic The Pre-Socratic period of the Ancient era of philosophy refers to Greek philosophers active before Socrates, or contemporaries of Socrates who expounded on earlier knowledge.

They include the following major philosophers.


(For discussions of the notion of Presocratic philosophy, see Long's introduction in LongLaksand the articles in Laks and Louguet ) A second problem lies in referring to these thinkers as philosophers.

That is almost certainly not how they could have described themselves. Socrates was a pivotal philosopher who shifted the central focus of philosophy from cosmology to ethics and morality. Although some of these earlier philosophers were contemporary with, or even younger than Socrates, they were considered pre-Socratics (or early Greek Philosophers) according to the classification defined by Aristotle.

Edip Yüksel (E) Philosophy Pre-Socratic Philosophers - Duration: 53 minutes. Generally speaking, all that remains of their works are a few textual fragments and the quotations of later philosophers and historians.

The Pre-Socratic philosophers rejected traditional mythological explanations for the phenomena they saw around them in favor of more rational explanations.

Pro socratic philosophers
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