Physics information on temperature

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Introduction to Thermal Physics

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What is Temperature?

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Temperature and Thermometers

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In physics, the temperature is the average kinetic energy of the moving particles in a substance. How is temperature measured?

Temperature is measured using a thermometer.

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There are different scales and standards for measuring temperature including Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin. These are discussed in more detail below. Temperature is measured by means of a thermometer or other instrument having a scale calibrated in units called degrees.

The size of a degree depends on the particular temperature scale being temperature | Infoplease. The Physics Classroom» Physics Tutorial» Thermal Physics» Temperature and Thermometers. Thermal Physics - Lesson 1 - Heat and Temperature.

Temperature and Thermometers. Rates of Heat Transfer; We all have a feel for what temperature is. We even have a shared language that we use to qualitatively describe temperature. The water in the. Temperature: Temperature, measure of hotness or coldness expressed in terms of any of several arbitrary scales, such as Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin.



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Physics information on temperature
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