Metal casting process

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The Metal Casting Operation

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Metal Casting

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Since the discovery of the earth's minerals, metal casting process has played an important role in society.

An integral part of every technological advance, castings have allowed us. Sand Casting is a process by which molten metal is poured in sand molds to produce parts in an economical manner.

The sand mold is produced by compacting sand on a pattern. Why is Experi-Metal able to offer high quality prototypes at low volumes? Because we embrace the technology of today and tomorrow! Kirksite tooling is just one process that we utilize to meet the needs of our valued customers.

MetalTek offers multiple metal casting processes for you to choose from- centrifugal, sand, investment, continuous, vacuum, net shaped, HPLT, and ingot. This book is a complemantary item for metal casting book, volume 2. I like like studying the fist part of casting process, see detais on the subject, equipments and special activities for cast metals.

Metal casting process
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Metal Casting Process