Life of a continental soldier

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the Regimental Coat. Deerskin or homespun cloth shirts in the summer. Hey, what about shoes? Soldiers DIDN'T have right and left shoes like you do today! All shoes were. The Militia and the Continental Army There were two main groups of soldiers who fought on the American side during the Revolutionary War.

One group was the militia. Soldiers lives in the Continental army was not easy, because of all the new recruits coming in that did not have proper training and were scared to battle. The soldiers were often poorly armed and had little to none training time for the drills and formation. Soldiers who served in the Continental Army fought on behalf of the 13 colonies in the Revolutionary War.

These soldiers were young and inexperienced, especially in comparison with the formidable British army, but they were highly motivated to win because the freedom of the colonies was at stake.

The Hardships of a Continental soldier.

Continental Soldiers in the Revolutionary War

From: Private Yankee Doodle, Martin's account, written in his old age, is the most complete account of the life of a Revolutionary soldier. It was written from memory, but is remarkable for having few errors.

It is a standard, and anyone reading about the live and times of the soldiers of the. The Hardships of a Continental soldier. From: Private Yankee Doodle, Martin's account, written in his old age, is the most complete account of the life of a Revolutionary soldier. It was written from memory, but is remarkable for having few errors.

It is a standard, and anyone reading about the live and times of the soldiers of the.

Life of a continental soldier
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